Project Goals

This project has been run by the local population since 2003, offering education for the village children whilst maintaining their identity and dignity as Mayans; And at the same time, fostering respect and stewardship of our natural environment.


San Pedro La Laguna is a place of great artistic value, full of history, customs,  and ancestral traditions, a place of significant legends and myths. The town enjoys a unique environment created by the surrounding lake and volcano, but also suffers from poverty that impedes progress.  Often we are enablers of this process because we accept it and neglect the effects. Poverty is the principle obstacle of education and a low education assures continued poverty. Breaking this pattern in our poorest families is the reason that this project was created in 2003.


Our vision is helping to create a town where everyone has access to education. Making a child’s dreams a reality inspires others to achieve their goals. Furthermore, our experience has been that a child that graduates then has the will and capacity to help other children.


Even though the education in Guatemala is free, only 60% of 5th grade children go to school, and this figure is without doubt even lower in rural areas and amongst poor families. Trek for Kids is a project that helps children whose life circumstances make it impossible for them to have access to an education. Our principle objective is sponsoring as many children as possible up to high school. High school in Guatemala typically ensures the graduate a profession and a carrier path. Not all of high school in Guatemala is free, and high school closest to San Pedro is two and a half hours away. This is an enormous obstacle for many. It’s estimated that only 23% of the children between ages 13 and 18 go to school.

Making the dreams of an education for at least one child a reality will allow this child to help others to achieve their own goals.

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