Organizational Structure


Requirements for Participating Families:

»        The children are responsible for their grades, and the materials provided.

»        Children are encouraged to send letters to sponsors, but postage is often expensive.

»        The parents inform the project every three months about the behavior of their children and their grades.

»        The parents agree to sign a contract with these requirements delineated.

Services Provided by Trek for Kids:

»        Payment of registration and tuition

»        Room and board for high school students that study outside their village

»        School materials

»        A monthly portion of food for elementary students


»        Committee (two local men who run the project without compensation)

»        Supervisor (Dieter Droth, a German teacher living and teaching in Guatemala)

»         Friends (donors, students and former students of Guatemaya Spanish School, volunteers)

»        Others (such as sponsor parents that supports a particular child)

Gifts and Assistance:

»        Donations of money and materials

»        Income from tours

»        Presently, 90% of gifts go to the families in the form of the services mentioned above (No money distributed in cash).

»        Administrative costs and the costs of materials have been covered by a specific contribution at this time

Ways You Can Support the Project:

»        Regular, financial support in order to be a sponsor parent

»        School material or trip supplies (camping)

»        Your ideas and publicity

Contact Us At:

Javier Navichoc G.
1ra Av. 7-45 Zona 1
San Pedro La Laguna,
Sololá, Guatemala
Ph. (502) 5691-3810

Rai Adrian Marti
Oberfeldring 27
8905 Arni
Ph. 0041 79227 67 26

You can contact us by E-mail at or contact our Supervisor  Dieter Droth at

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