Erica Viviana Sancoy Mendoza

2nd year of University.

First: Kakchikel   Second: Spanish

Universidad Mariano Galvez, en San Juan La Laguna.

Parents (Names and Professions)
Nicolás Sancoy Sancoy (Day Laborer) & Juana Martina Mendoza (Midwife)

Family Situation
Erica is one of six daughters in a family of eight children. Four of them are married, three of the children attend school and another one is working to support the mother and three brothers with their education. The father is an alcoholic who does not spend time with the family or support them. The mother is the housekeeper and does not earn any money. Erica helps the younger kids as well. Erica wants to complete her education and turn her mother’s dream, to have a child who has a profession, into reality. Erica is the first student in our organization who speaks Kakchikel. It is another Mayan language spoken in the Lake Atitlan region. The project wants to help Erica achieve her and her mother’s dream.

School Situation
Erica is a young lady that graduated last two years as a Kindergarden Teacher. She would really like to continue her studies and work at the same time but her family’s limitations do not allow her to achieve her dream of returning to university to further develop her skills and practices.

Erica would like to be a professional; she wants to work in a professional company one day when she has finished her studies. This is her 2nd year at the University.

Date of Initiation

Approximate Date of Termination

Expense Breakdown (USD)
Registration Fees: $750
School Supplies: $550.00
Food Assistance: $00.00
School Travel Expenses: $350.00

Total: $1,650.00 ($137.50/month)

Project Signature

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