Josue Natanael

Xelemanco Sac

11th year

First: Tzutujil   Second: Spanish

Colegio Evangélico Bethel
San Pedro La Laguna.


Parents (Names and Professions)
Francisca Xelemango Sac (Midwife)

Family Situation
Josue is a son who was never recognized by his father and has never received any help from him since birth. His mother is the one who has raised him. Last year he was unable to study in high school due to his economic situation. He was unable to finish the year and also unable to find someone who could help him financially to continue working towards his dream. Finally, he will be able to study so that his dream can become a reality.

Familia de JosueSchool Situation
Josue is a young boy that wants to be a professional Cartoonist. He wants to study and work at the same time but the economic demands make it difficult to be a professional and successful

Josue would like to be a Cartoonist teacher. He loves to draw and works well with children.

Date of Initiation

Approximate Date of Termination

Expense Breakdown (USD)
Registration Fees: $513
School Supplies: $250.00
Food Assistance: $534.00
School Travel Expenses: $200.00

Total: $1497.00 ($149.70/month)

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