Teresa Rosario Ujpan Ixcaya

2nd   year of University

First: Tzutujil   Second: Spanish

Universidad Panamerica.  en Santa Clara La Laguna.

Parents are deceased, Uncle and Aunt (Names and Professions): 
Macario Ixcayá Culum (Day Laborer), Elena Ixcayá Ajquivijay (Housewife)


Family Situation
When Teresa was six years old her parents died from
IMG_0853unknown diseases. She lived with her aunt during her first year as an orphan but her aunt was very violent and Teresa decided to leave to live on her own with her brother. She stayed with her brother for 5 years but after that time her brother decided to abandon her in a place near San Pablo where she lives now. Since she was 12 until now she has lived with her aunt and uncle where she found help to survive, but she is struggling with her studies. She is a girl who really wants to do something in life and her situation is very extreme because she does not have anyone’s help.

School Situation
Teresa, a graduated nurse, lives with her aunt and uncle. She has dreams of returning to full time education in order to specialize in her chosen profession. However due to financial restraints Teresa is unable to accomplish her dream.

She is a girl who really wants to do something in life, she does not have any parents, she lives with her aunt and uncle and she is really willing to work hard and reach her dream to study.

Date of Initiation

Approximate Date of Termination
School: October
Food Assistance: October

Expense Breakdown (USD)
Registration: $1,015.00
School Supplies: $550.00
Food Assistance: $00.00
School Travel Expenses: $350.00

Total Expenses: USD$1, 915 ($191.5/month)

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