Xaylin Cecilia Ratzám Ujpán

11th year

First: Tzutujil   Second: Spanish

Instituo Mixto de Educación Básica por Cooperativa, San Pablo La Laguna

Parents (Names and Professions)
Marcela Ujpán Ujpán (Housewife)

Family Situation
Xaylin is the second daughter of the family’s five children. Her situation is extremely difficult. The mother is responsible for everything because the father is an alcoholic and spends all of the money that they make monthly in a week. He is very abusive with his wife and family. The father, by way of his drinking, left his wife with the 5 children and now the family has to rent another home. The mother sells tortillas and other traditional food to support the family. The daughters also sell tortillas from house to house. In reality, they do not have a home, they live in a place covered by plastic and under a poorly constructed roof where they sleep, eat and cook. The majority of them sleep on the floor over cardboard boxes. Besides that, they do not have electricity; the family uses candles at night. It is a very difficult life for everyone.

School Situation Xaylin_Family
Xaylin will be in the second stage of basic education and her possibilities to continue her studies are very limited. She works to help her mother and her brothers and sisters; sometimes she is responsible for caring for her younger brothers when her mother leaves to sell food.

Xaylin would like to study and participate in sports. She is interested to be Kinder Garden Teacher, but unfortunately her situation does not allow her to realize her dreams.

Date of Initiation

Approximate Date of Termination

Expense Breakdown (USD)
Registration Fees: $440.00
School Supplies: $230.00
Food Assistance: $1100.00
School Travel Expenses: $300.00

Total: $2070.00 ($207.00/month)

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