Finca Beach

Take a leisurely hike on a lakeside trail through foliage, coffee fields, and an abandoned colonial coffee processing plant to Finca Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the South side of the lake.
Elevation: 1550 meters
Duration: 1 Day (ask about our two day option if you’d like to camp)
Hiking Time: 2 hours (round trip)
Difficulty: Medium
Price: 150 Q ($20 USD)  (one day)


Guide: 50Q ($5.00 USD)
Equipment: 10Q ($1.25 USD)
Food: 30Q ($3.75 USD)
Water: 10Q ($1.25 USD)
Transportation: 10Q ($1.25 USD)
Note: If you’d like to camp the price changes, ask for more info…
Total FOR THE KIDS 100Q ($12.50 USD) 100Q ($12.50 USD)

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